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Month: July 2010

Blog Roll Call for the Week of 7/19/10


A new blog by this guy named Jock who has posts about Sheldon Richman’s talk about mutual aid, he also talks about what it means to actually have a freed market and finally how the profit motive isn’t necessarily linked to the idea of state-capitalism.

DB0 makes a recent story about the Pirate Party of Sweden using loopholes in the state’s rules to use the immunity state parties enjoy so they cannot be prosecuted for helping the pirating of music and websites of along. For more info look at his post located here. Now while sure it’s interesting, as DB0 points out it may not go so well for them,

“Rather what is happening is that they’ve found a loophole in the system which allows them to use it in a way the ruling elite didn’t plan to. This is a very good way to use the system actually but the problem is ultimately that the power still relies on the ruling elite. And when the new material circumstances make previous rules work against them, then they will make sure that the previous rules are modified enough to suit their interests.”

Little Alex makes a good post on his blog site about why US diplomats may not be seen as so altruistic with comments like this,

Solomon: ‘It’s been seven years since we invaded Iraq, and there is so much sorrow in the world. I don’t see things getting a lot better.‘

Shultz: ‘You ought to come out to California. We have problems out here; but the sun is shining, and it’s pleasant here on the Stanford campus.’

As Alex quotes,

“We fail to see the connection between our heavy-handed diplomacy and penchant for using force and the persistent anti-Americanism that occurs in the places where we’ve interfered most often. … But for men (and women) like him, the world is a stage on which to operate, and the consequences for others are just “collateral damage.”’

It looks like NYC officials are getting more creative with how they want to keep the poor and innovative out of little hotel rooms. More support is needed for these people, here’s his recommendation,

“George Donnelly and others say “Agorists should just use eBay and Craigslist!” The fallacy is that undercover cops will pretend to be customers. Any successful agorist will attract the attention of the State cartel he competes with. An “agoristbay” is needed, to facilitate counter-economics.”

NeverFox relates a story about more oppression of the innovative and the people who could use more change and use this innovation but are stopped by the state.

There’s seemingly a lack of justice in the justice system, but then is that a surprise?

There’s been this guy named Laughing Man who’s been espousing anti-statism on FaceBook and hacking profiles to put it on and sent another message which can be read here. The original can be found here.

How powerful IS war to an economy? As this post points out, not very in the long run.

Austro-Athenian Empire

The good and bad of direct action. (Blog section)

Heard of Thinking Liberty? If not you should tune in to it, it’s a great time for any liberty loving person!

Free Dissent*

Scott Ferrie has recently unleashed a shitton (that’s a metric ton plus a lot of shit out there for those unaware) of Benjamin Tucker posts that were made in his paper Liberty on copyright, the attitude of anarchists towards combination s of industries and putting theory into preactice just to name a few.

Rad Geek People’s Daily

And finally some more honesty from cops.

That’s it for this week, sure was a lot from anarchoblogs, maybe you could support them for all the work they do? They’re looking for donations and so far have only received $20 so there’s plenty of money to chip in!

Applying Market Anarchism and Libertarianism III: Final Applications

The final part of this series will be concerned with the matter of any final applications left in applying market anarchism and libertarianism in real life outside of theory and strategy. Some other applications that will be discussed fall in the way of seemingly lesser important topics but if looked at more closely may be found to be more useful than some anarchists may think of them. Some of these things may include personal changes and applications to their own life, such as lifestyle changes relationship changes and so forth.

Personal applications

Economic changes

There is perhaps no bigger change one can make in their life then changing their own and being consistent with anarchism calls for some changes in their life, of course such changes are not necessary to be an anarchist they are only necessary to live within the confines of the ideology itself. This being said you could pay your taxes and do everything a normal person does in your life and still espouse anarchist ideas, you just wouldn’t be a very consistent anarchist in application in your life. I think there are ways to remedy this or to just flat out eliminate it. Before I do that however I may make it clear that the term lifestyle anarchism does come into play a little bit here but only in the aspect that what I’m discussing here will refer to you taking your life out of the state’s hands and putting it into your own. It has nothing to do with hierarchy or class struggle, unless that’s how you choose to see it.


Obviously one of the biggest problems for anarchists are taxes, how can we as anarchists morally pay taxes and still feel good? Well the answer is (if you’re consistent about things) you most likely won’t and let me make it clear that tax evasion is a risky endeavor that I’m currently on the fence on so I certainly wouldn’t stop anyone from doing it but nor would I really advocate it personally. But there are perfectly legal ways of avoiding taxes with regards to your liability of paying them. There are some good anarchist guides to making sure you pay as little to nothing as possible such as Don’t Owe Nothin’ which is a practical guide to stop paying certain taxes through completely legal means. On the other hand you could just stop paying taxes all together anyways especially if you want to rescind your practical support and nit just your moral support because if you work for peace, you should probably stop paying for war. But if you’re not comfortable with either, that’s understandable, it’s hard to dupe the government and especially dupe them for long without them resorting to violence, but the payoff for those who resist and refuse to obey is more money for themselves and those things they care about and more liberty so the risk does come with it’s rewards.

Big Business

Although this one should seem relatively obvious to any anarchist in my mind, all of us are “caught” (if you want to call it that) doing this, buying from the big providers that undercut the competition through state granted privilege. This makes the organization in direct line with the state and a direct asset it to it as well, anarchists in my opinion are better off supporting small business owners as they have less of a chance of being in line with the state though it of course is no guarantee and even then I’d still suggest gray and black market businesses (which Tarrin Lupo from LCL report explains how to start one up here) over any mainstream economy institutions. Whenever possible I’d say support alternatives to the state aided businesses and help out your fellow black marketeer with cash (paper trail equals a huge no no in the black market). If you can’t do that then support your local convenience store or small shop or better yet help out a community run market or a farmers market of some sort, while note pure alternatives to the state they are just about as good as you’ll get in the current market place, that and flea markets.


The third and last part of this section would be another part of the business world which is unions, most unions nowadays have deradicalized from the IWW esque ones they used to be back before the 30’s. This is when regulations and restrictions advocated by big business against the unions made it a decrepit form of its former self and eventually unions got in line with the state as well , most either selling out when direct action still could have had some power left in it or just to get more power. Now big unions are about as much of the problem as the big businesses so is there anything left of unions to be an ally to anarchists in any form? Well to be clear there are plenty of ethical reasons to get yourself involved in the labor struggle against capitalists colluding with the state as Kevin Carson points out in The Ethics of Labor Struggle as I’ve linked in my previous post. But even so there is not much point in doing so right now with most unions the way they are, indeed some Austrian economics have it right that unions can be violent and down right dangerous to associate with in current society, but most miss the reason why. This isn’t because unions are useless in of themselves it’s just that they’ve become just as corrupt and power driven as the big businesses they struggle against have become or rather have always been. This all being said, there is some value to be found in finding mutual friends and starting a radical union dedicating to undermining the boss and grabbing some autonomy yourself without the use of the state and if this is what you want to do I recommend you read “How to Fire Your Boss” which I’ve linked before and can be found here.

Social changes

There are some changes you should make to your own relationships as well, for instance it hardly suits to ally yourself with anyone who makes your life miserable in any way, whether they just be an ass to you, deride you for your anarchist beliefs, or put down your activities. To be sure it’s good to have constructive criticism but when that’s missing and all that is left is derision put up as criticism of some sort it’s not useful to have around in any way. And in this manner the anarchist should carefully construct who they want to associate with, people who will support them when they need it but also give them a boost in their activism or advice or a wake up call if they slip. Of course you shouldn’t just look for political friends but friends who you can just have a nice time with. Another important aspect of it is the family and this is something that some people have a difficult time with but the same attitude should be given to family as well as an anarchist I often find it hard to reconcile that anyone in my family has any more authority over me just because we’re related and the responses, “Well, I’m your grandmother” or “Do what I tell you, I’m your mother” hold a lot less meaning than most people seem to think. Regardless if people in your family can be the same way it’s best to break off of them, blood may be thicker than water but that’s no reason to drown yourself in either.

Political changes

Some changes in the way one handles the issue of politics in real life should change as well, you may want to become more involved in the community or perhaps you’d just like to keep to yourself and better your own style. Perhaps you’d like to do a counter-demonstration to when the local elections are going by or maybe you’ll just ignore them and let them pass by unnoticed. Whatever you do try to make sure it stays within the confines of anarchism, either by not only not voting but going counter to it or just plain old not voting and not caring which petty tyrant wins.


Making some last applications to your own life not only through the theory and strategy but through your person life in the contexts of social, economic and political ways of dealing with things all has to do with being as consistent (and therefore radical) as an anarchist as you can be and effectively communicate your message as much as possible. This then calls for changes not only outside of you but in the end and hopefully to start with some changes for you as well. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Being committed to a freer world means being committed to a freer you as well and this is a point often overlooked or under-stressed by some libertarians.

To continue forward it’s about time the past is explored, I’ve previously gone into past thinkers but I haven’t touched on the history of anarchism itself and in the next series the history of anarchism shall be covered and from there the present and future of it as well.

Conclusion of Series: Applying Market Anarchism and Libertarianism

To review on applying these things:

1. The theory of market anarchism should be applied to any situation that has relevance to it, there are many ways to deal with a situation within the market anarchist context, there are many types of market anarchism to discuss and through discussion you can take the theory further.

2. And the theory can then be turned into strategies and types of actions to commit, I personally recommend non-violent direct action, demonstrations, education, agorism, dual power and overall non-cooperative but peaceful actions. I’d oppose any violent actions as unnecessary and unhelpful in the long run, rioting, violent sabotage, murder and all variants of it, and of course insurrection.

3. And finally personal changes are made or should be made in the realms of the political, social and economic to make your life more consistent with anarchism not only outside of your life but inside it, but there are risks with that of course and it’s all up to the individuals.

Blog Roll Call for the Week of 7/12/10


Recently the “Shire Society Declaration was signed at the latest Porcfest and support is coming from unexpected fields, check out this guy’s piece on his support for that and agorism as well as the activism going on in Keene, NH in general located here.

A Division By Zero’s blog generally has good stuff and this is not exception, in it he explains how a book called For the Win actually has a lot of anarchist sympathies in it (specifically anarcho-syndacilism) regardless of whether the author intended it and recommends it.

Don’t expect the propping up of state-capitalism to stop any time soon as even some of the power elite are starting to admit now which some are exposing blog post by blog post.

While I do have mixed opinions on some of these really left-leaning anarchist blogs, I do like a lot of the solidarity that they show with labor such as this one for example.

There also examples of showing mutual aid for other people like helping advertise for communal flats which can be found here.

Want to work for BP for free while they pay not nearly as much as they should have? Well tough shit because if you were before you have been! And people can be dicks about it at the same time as well,

“[W]orkers can file a claim, but we will subtract the amount they are paid from BP from their claim. That is how it has to work . . . . Of course you can file a claim. You must file a claim, but you cannot get paid twice,”

And finally, when you say “think of the children!”, actually think about them and don’t rely on the state because of absurd shit like this. (Blog Section

Darian’s History of Anarchism is not available here in MP3 form.

Free Dissent*

Recently I’ve commented on the land issue between anarchists, some definitions and blogging issues I had with a fellow blogger, check it out.

And a new poster on Free Dissent talks about agorism as an alternative to politics and moral but useless practically speaking insurrection which can be read here.

Rad Geek People’s Daily

If you’ve got some libertarian friends on the edge about IP and patents perhaps you could show them this informative (and slightly disturbing) video on the subject.

That’s it for this week, glad I could make time to do it this time, until next time!

Applying Market Anarchism and Libertarianism II: Strategy

In the first part of applying market anarchism and libertarianism to the real world I discussed the theory and how to apply it to real world scenarios and so forth. Here I’d like to help my fellow market anarchists (as well as anarchists in general) with what strategies they should use to undermine the state by going through what ones they should do and what ones they should not and why. Throughout this post I shall also link various articles that back my point, add more info on the subject or are just good readings on the subject regardless of whether I agree with it or not. I’ll generally say which one of it is explicitly when I link something but even when I don’t it’ll be pretty easy to determine from the article which one it is. With that out of the way let’s examine some tactics that market anarchists can use and often times do.

Tactics and definitions

Here are (briefly) some tactics that are worth looking at by market anarchists, not necessarily doing but worth consulting and seeing if they generally undermine the state in a meaningful, positive, and helpful manner.

Non-violent resistance: Such examples can be found here such examples include, civil disobedience, non-cooperation, education, peaceful protests and so on.

Violent resistance: This mostly includes violent acts of rebellion like some Black Bloc tactics that have been used, outright rebellion or killing of public officials, throwing things at federal buildings and corporations, etc.

Direct Action: There are specific places for specific types of direct action such as direct action in the hopes of undermining or even firing your boss. Direct action is the in between of violent and non-violent resistance because it can be either one and not necessarily violent or peaceful. Within peaceful action it can be what has already been listed under them can be peaceful but more violent acts can include murder or just aggressing against the anarchist considers an aggressor in society.


Within each of those types of action are important subcategories that should be looked at (at the very least) by any market anarchist and have them decide for themselves which is right for them.

Non-Violent Action

Civil Disobedience

Violent Action

Propaganda of the Deed

Direct Action

Slow-down strikes

There’s also debatable actions that could be considered violent or non-violent depending on how you look at it such as:

Property damage

With all of this said what should market anarchists consider and not consider? First off I want to list the things market anarchists should avoid, whether for moral, practical or other reasons.

Tactics to avoid

Violent Resistance

Violent resistance in general is something I personally do not advocate for practical reasons and not necessarily moral reasons. Let’s take the violent act of assassinations, I think there are certainly moral reasons for it but as that anarchist in that video explains there’s hardly any practical use for violence if you want to outdo the state. As Ken Knudson explains in his critique of anarchist communism on his section Revolution: The Road to freedom? (Stating on pp. 26, 43) Knudson illustrates how revolution is not the path anarchists should expect to derive freedom from, a few excerpts of his illustrates such points:

“we still find many anarchists looking for a shortcut to freedom by means of violent revolution. The idea that anarchism can be inaugurated by violence is as fallacious as the idea that it can be sustained by violence. The best that can be said for violence is that it may, in rare circumstances, be used as an expedient to save us from extinction. But the individualist’s rejection of violence (except in cases of self-defense) is not due to any lofty pacifist principles;it’s a matter of pure pragmatism: we realize that violence just simply does not work.” (p. 27)

“The task of anarchism, as the individualist sees it, is not to destroy the state, but rather to destroy the myth of the state. Once people realize that they no longer need the state, it will – in the words of Frederick Engels -inevitably “wither away”

But unless anarchists can create a general and well-grounded disbelief in the state as an institution, the existing state might be destroyed by violent revolution or it might fall through its own rottenness, but another would inevitably rise in its place. And why shouldn’t it? As long as people believe the state to be necessary (even a “necessary evil”, as Thomas Paine said), the state will always exist.”

These two quotes (early on in this chapter no less) are the best criticisms of the idea of insurrection Knudson brings forth and I wholeheartedly agree. Killing all the cops, policeman, judges, politicians, lawyers, CEOS and so forth won’t do anything if people still think they need a central authority to control their lives (and others of course). Thus while I think people have every right to kill public officials I don’t recommend it on practical grounds nor would I do it myself (just in case any Fed reading this is curious) but on moral grounds you would seem to be within your right to do it, again though it’s just an impractical idea. Who controls the most guns after all? It’s just been more or less proven that even if you killed all of the public officials even THEN if people are still within the improper mindset then it won’t do anything. This is why propaganda of the deed also historically failed.


Politics is simply a method of dealing with the ideas of power and so social organizations are built around it, this being said the current political structure of voting should be considered almost nothing to market anarchists, the old recycled anarchist quotes from Lysander Spooner about how choosing a master every four years does not make you any more free and Emma Goldman’s about how if voting matters (which is a big part of the current political organization) then it would be deemed illegal by the state both hold true here. But even so there’s more analysis to be done then just that, on the face of it politics can be seen as a dead end as Kevin Carson there and here as well. In the Alliance #4 Journal there were several different view points given by anarchists on voting and that can be viewed here (Stating on page 40 to page 55).

In my own estimation politics is generally a waste of time, there are reasons as Wendy McElroy points out to not even to vote against Hitler if the opportunity had been there and she had made the difference in him getting democratically elected saying that she’d rather kill him (although later states this too would be an admission of defeat using the state’s main means against itself) because,

“I consider such a bullet to be an act of self-defense in a manner that a ballot could never be. A bullet can be narrowly aimed at a deserving target; a ballot attacks innocent third parties who must endure the consequences of the politician I have assisted into a position of power over their lives. Whoever puts a man into a position of unjust power – that is, a position of political power – must share responsibility for every right he violates thereafter.”

The anarcho-pacifist Robert LeFerve also wrote an article called Abstain from Beans in which he writes,

“When we place voting into the framework of politics, however, a major change occurs. When we express a preference politically, we do so precisely because we intend to bind others to our will. Political voting is the legal method we have adopted and extolled for obtaining monopolies of power. Political voting is nothing more than the assumption that might makes right. There is a presumption that any decision wanted by the majority of those expressing a preference must be desirable, and the inference even goes so far as to presume that anyone who differs from a majority view is wrong or possibly immoral.”

And so LeFerve considers voting immoral, but what about the practicality of it? Well is it practical to hope the state will be abolished under it’s own terms? Or that you could win under it’s own house rules? There’s a slight chance for the latter and indeed some victories may be secured but in the end I don’t believe the end of the state will come through processes on the state’s terms I think it’ll come through other means like the ones I’m about to suggest.

Tactics to use

Non-Violent Resistance

I believe non-cooperation just as Botie saw it in The Politics of Obedience the state ultimately relies on a tacit acceptance of it’s authority and does not need any insurrection to topple it and instead a massive and peaceful organization of people refusing to conform to the state and it’s methods of dealing with things and organizations and the state shall eventually fall. The people will make the laws besides those that are in human nature in most cases anyways such as not stealing or not killing irrelevant and a more free society will come about through such actions.

The movement can get more and more ground through education, mass protests, and acts of civil disobedience and bringing attention to the power of the state over the individual and the negative impacts of such an unequal relationship. The non-cooperation will make the state’s work even harder and other strategies that could work even better like agorism could just aid the non-violent resistance though it also falls under there due to going by libertarian ethics. Agorism is a great way to take the CD movement even further and build market counter-institutions ready for when the state falls and people are ready for the voluntary society.

Direct Action (Peaceful)

I don’t support property damage or rioting or anything like that for the same reasons as revolution and to add on to that that it often (i)sends the wrong message to the public (ii) generally gets nothing substantive accomplished and (iii) as I’m showing currently there are much more productive peaceful ways to do these sorts of things.

I support any work within the workplace such as strikes, slow-downs, working to rule, and even in some cases sabotage though preferably without harm to the bosses even if they’re generally fucking the workers over through state privilege. I believe all these things can be well within the line of libertarian ethics as Carson has noted on The Ethics of Labor Struggle.


This was hardly a conclusive or once and for all commentary on the sorts of strategies market anarchists can employ in the hopes of abolishing the state but I hope nonetheless it’ll get some market anarchists on the right track and completely avoid violent actions completely and politics as much as possible. I find the alternatives of non-violent resistance that actually adheres to the libertarian line of ethics more consistently like civil disobedience, education, agorism, protesting, non-cooperation and so on to be much more helpful to the market anarchist.

In the final part I will talk about some final applications to be noted besides strategy and theory.

Applying Market Anarchism and Libertarianism I: Theory

In the last two series’ that I did forever and a moon ago I discussed the ideas of Market anarchism and Libertarianism as an ethical backing for it but both ideas mean nothing if they can’t be adopted in the real world and translated into some action. But before we get to strategies that should be employed or action that should be taken the theory of market anarchism under libertarian ethics should be reexamined once more to make sure we’re ready to apply our thoughts.

The theory itself

To reiterate market anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates a free society based on free market mechanisms and no government interference in the economic or social sphere of people’s lives. To keep in line with this theory of how society should run (and not run in the traditional authoritarian sense) the market anarchists must make sure to exert as much energy they can to a cause they think will propel society to such an end. This can be done through any method but the theory must be understood first. Market anarchists come in many different stripes and ideas of what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s most important. Some market anarchists oppose capitalism some support a variant of socialism up front like Libertarian Socialism others support the use of the word capitalism, most don’t support politics some support a revolutionary anarchism called agorism.

And so forth, there’s a lot of variants within the market anarchist movement as there in within the larger anarchist movement and it’s hard to separate all the variants within market anarchism let alone anarchism itself. which is why it’s important to keep within the theory and remain radical. Radical ideas come not from the ideas themselves but the consistency in their message, for instance someone who talks of blowing up the world surely has a radical opinion but they’re hardly worth mentioning if they even have trouble hurting a fly or defending themselves if someone tries to attack them. Thus the radicalism of their opinion as with anyone else s is the consistency within the message. And the same goes for the market anarchist, as a market anarchist you want to be as consistent as possible and not only having the theory down but applying it to real life is important.

With that in mind let’s look at some scenarios in real life that the theory of market anarchism may come into play.

Real life scenarios

Scenario 1:

Let’s say a police man is harassing someone who’s not hurting anyone but peacefully protesting something, let’s also say in addition to protesting the person is doing some sort of drug as well and being polite to the officer and telling him to move away while he goes about his business. The police officer then takes offense to this and threatens the man with violence and throwing him in a cage if he doesn’t stop smoking the drug or protesting (If you don’t think people can be stopped for peacefully protesting then you obviously haven’t been paying attention to the G20 protests that took place a few weeks ago) but the protester refuses. The officer then takes the man down to the ground hard and knocks away his drug and arrests him and throws him in a cage for drug possession and “disorderly conduct” as well as resisting arrest because the man went limb once the police officer got him on the ground. Who was in the right here according to the theory of market anarchism?

The part of market anarchism’s theory that applies the most here is the illegitimacy of the state and the self-ownership of your own body, that is to say that no one has a right to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body whether they’re wearing a blue costume with a shiny badge or a chicken suit for all it matters. It’s your body and you should be able to list your grievances against whatever system you want and use your body in whatever way you want as long as you’re not violating the equal liberties of others. Not only that but the state is just a bunch of individuals like any other organization, the difference is that they claim they can violate the people they allegedly benevolently rule and do so through coercion as shown int his example. What would be the market anarchist solution to this problem in the immediate future? Well there’s a few solutions and I won’t try to say which one is right but here are a few:

1. Show solidarity with the person just arrested and pick up where they left off and get more people to support the person’s action, bring attention to the wrong the state just committed.
2. Get support in another way, get people to donate for the guy’s bail and help him out with anything he’ll let you when he’s up against the system. This is also another way of showing solidarity.
3. Set up a social network to make sure situations like this happen less because people are in groups and helping each other out in times of protest.

And that doesn’t even include direct action, taking up other civil disobedience of your own or supporting the guy through black market transactions to help fund his bail and so forth. All of these things fall in the place of peaceful, voluntary, market and social transactions that lead society to be a bit more free.

Scenario Two:

The US invades a country based on intelligence that they think the people in said country are going to attack them even though there’s been no record of them attacking before and when they get there and start killing people and overthrow their leaders and replace it with a “democratic one” there doesn’t seem to be any indication of any attack planned (sounds familiar doesn’t it?). How would the market anarchist respond?

First of all any anarchist of any stripe should know the horrible thing called war, something propagated directly by the state and scarcely if ever by individuals within other organizations like a business or what have you, businesses only get involved when they can get a profit through government privilege to cover the costs of risking such an endeavor into a war zone. Any anarchist should oppose war as it is almost always directly the result of the state’s tendency to grow in size and strength and therefore the anarchist should be just strictly out of principle against war. But there are more reasons than that, what gives the state the right to make decisions based on intelligence that may end up being wrong just to risk a few thousand lives?

And besides all of that the principle of the NAP is also being broken, the collective has no right to do what the individual himself does not have a right to do. It makes no sense that if I went over to Iran and tried killing terrorists that that I would be prosecuted as a terrorist but if the US government does it they are propagated as making the world more free and more secure for people everywhere.

Scenario 3:

And finally let’s say that two spouses are in an argument and the husband tries to beat his wife should this be a private matter? Surely according to the market anarchist the government shouldn’t get involved so what should be done?

Well just like in political manners, in social matters the government should have no say, arbitration could help as well as counseling or a neighborhood watch group to make sure that if violence occurs between partners that restitution can take place. Even though it is a private conflict that doesn’t mean that the violence should keep going just because they’re in a private relationship, violence is violence and a violation of ethics of self-ownership, the NAP, property rights, and basic fundamental human rights should not be violated either on a governmental basis or on a private one. This is something that both libertarian minarchists and libertarian anarchists miss at times just because the event is a bit more private than a government using the strong arm of the police to come into a house for a drug raid.

Taking the theory further

The theory can go even further though, but how? Well through writing primarily, talking about it, discussing it with others and getting the message more and more consistent and as a result more and more radical. Even though some may say that a too radical message will make people drift away from the theory this only isolates the people not really dedicated to the ideal market anarchists are working towards anyways. It sort of nullifies your message to begin with if a good portion of the people involved in the movement aren’t really dedicated to either? Now this is not to say such people should be shunned, ostracized or laughed at or some other things used against them. That means that they are workable on a singular issue such as perhaps war or more equality in society through direct action and not asking for government privileges and so on but not good to work with to the eventual end of freedom.

With a radical message people will be shown what is being advocated up front and make no hesitations and calling things as they are. After all playing with words and distorting language is a government program as Stefan Molyneux said at the lastest Porcfest.

Blog Roll Call for the week of 6/28/10 (Special Secession Day edition!)

I apologize about skipping last week but after getting home from Porcfest in Lancaster NH I was completely worn out and just wanted to relax, but without further due here is the Special Secession Day edition of the Blog Roll Call for this week:


Looks like justifications for really being Afghanistan are switching, being withheld from the public or being used as an excuse to exploit the poor in Afghanistan, either way FSK reveals the pure garbage going on in Afghanistan thanks to the American empire.

An excerpt:

“Afghanistan’s recently-ratified Constitution has an interesting provision. Mineral rights belong to the central government, and not to local villagers! These $1T mineral deposits were stolen by Afghanistan State bureaucrats. They waited until now to disclose the mineral wealth, so people wouldn’t say “WTF? We were robbed!”

“You don’t own mineral rights to your own land.” is an example of corrupt State law. In the eastern USA, surface rights and mineral rights are usually jointly owned. In western states, the mineral rights are sold separately by the State. The mineral right owner may build a mine or well on your property to extract his mineral rights, even if the owner of the surface rights objects! If I owned a farm in Texas and an oil corporation wanted to put a well on my land, I would be legally required to allow it!”

Well I guess I’m not joining my local Al Queda chapter anytime soon due to stuff like this becoming more and more popular.

Little Alex in Wonderland also reveals with help from the Southern Avenger why The war in Afghanistan is crazy.

And Alex once again delves into another subject, namely G20 and exposes how Martial Law was enacted during it.

One question that is often asked of anarchists in an anarchist society is WWho would enforce the law? and this blogger relays some helpful definitions, responses and solutions to that question.

On a Division By Zero there’s a few interesting posts located here and here about making moral choices in video games.

Austro-Athenian Empire

William Graham Sumner and Dr. Long give you something to think about this Secession Day.

A presentation given at Porcfest on the history of anarchism can be found in it’s entirety here.

Free Association

Sheldon Richman has something to say on the topic of immigration.

Free Dissent*

Recently posts have been surging from my friend Scott Ferrie and so I find it fitting to give him a plug or two even if I may not completely agree with his opinion I find a lot of what he says useful nonetheless, like his introduction to anarchism, why it’s important and how it came to be in the first place.

And I also gave a short little post on my thoughts of the G20.

That’s all for this week! I’m thinking about adding some new blogs and getting rid of my few sites I have linked that really haven’t helped me much at all, if I do end up adding some blogs you’ll certainly see it.

Have a great Secession Day and make sure to break an unjust law! 🙂

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