Wow! It’s been a while but I finally have some spare time to do this. I apologize about the lack of material lately (as if it’s been different before) but here’s another blog blog roll call for ya in the meantime of me getting more situated.


The fight for freedom of expression that’s on the internet has been around for a while.

The state helps the powerful not the weak explains Jock Coats here.

“Now, competition is a wonderful thing – and yes, at least in the short term, no doubt local people will see their food prices and probably some chemist type supplies prices drop a little. And some will say that this is just the free market in operation – what do I, a market anarchist, expect? The market will always favour big business and so on.


Tesco have this permission today because of the bureaucracy that prevented the previous owner getting on and developing the site the way he wanted. For them the cost of holding that property for the three years until some part of that bureaucracy caved in and gave them permission will have been negligible compared with the local entrepreneur’s costs of doing so.”

Interesting thoughts from FSK on the state’s failing monopoly of “defense” via the police.

Some interesting ideas about time preferences by Francois can be found here.

“You may already have realized the main problem here. Whether you have low or high time preference is heavily influenced by your socio-economic condition. The poorer you are, the higher time preference you will have. So time preference is, like a lot of capitalist doctrine, another attempt at putting guilt on the poor. It’s their fault that savings have gone down and debt has gone up, if we could only do something about all those stupid poor people, and so on.”


“Time preference is not a proof that usury is valid or justified. Time preference is, at best, a way to look at the time frame of people’s goals, but it is important to remember that this time frame is dependent on socio-economic and psychological factors. Therefore it is pointless to use time preference as a universal principle…”

Some thoughts on a naive analysis of cultures.

Austro-Athenian Empire

I guess Jim Crow is making a come back.

Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Just to keep myself more up to date I’m going to add this and Students for a Stateless Society blog posts so I have even more stuff to post about, more material equals more goodness, or least it should here and there.

Fernando Teson has some words on the incarceration rate in the US and Roderick Long has a fantastic response.

Discourses on Liberty

The List Method and You, or; a good political testimonial.

Students for a Stateless Society

Some ignoring of vulgar libertarianism aside this post has just another reason why the government disproportionately hurts the poor: the minimum wage,

“Proponents of the minimum wage believe they are actually alleviating the suffering of the impoverished by forcing employers to pay out certain minimum rates to their employees. It is important to mention that employers pay these rates because agents of the state will forcibly close their business if they do not. The minimum wage is clearly not the actual market value of the labor being utilized for production. The value of the labor is somewhere below the minimum wage. The capital used to compensate these workers at the rate the state dictates is being redirected from other area’s of the business, which in turn prevents the ability for employers to procure further employment.”

And Corey Moore has a great post on anti-consumerism and libertarianism,

“Overall, the implication of the sustainability question would be that we should not be using products that cannot be replenished easily. Unfortunately, most of the products we use on a day to day basis are built with resources that cannot be easily replenished. Plastics, gasoline, hygiene products and makeup, some fabrics and most other products are made from petroleum, a resource that cannot be replenished.”


“In many third world nations, wealth is only held by a powerful elite given that privilege by the state. Multinational corporations, many of which originated in America, decide that they would like to increase their profits and start looking for areas around the world ripe for exploitation. The poor people in these areas are desperate for any wealth that can be invested into their nations because of the wealth discrepancy between the elite and the common classes. The corporations then set up shop in these areas and start hiring as many poor people as possible. Many libertarian think tanks like to point to this system as some sort of success story, totally forgetting (or intentionally ignoring) the other side of the coin. In return for these corporations to build shops in their nation, the elite will often pay the corporations large sums of money and forcefully steal land from the common people to give to the corporations. Then, the poor people who do not have any other options will “voluntarily” be hired to work at these shops for wages that are less than one percent of what the product will sell for. They are forced to work 7 days a week, 16 hours a day and sometimes are not even allowed to leave the shop! Using Mr. Libertarian’s definition, this is feudalism.”

Special announcements and other Links

So I’ve gotten back on to Youtube and the counter-economic job that I had is now on hold for a bit though Porcfest is only a week and a day over from now! This means I won’t have any updates next Sunday just like last year but then…I don’t do much here anyways sadly.

I do want to share this Kevin Carson article before I get on to the last words of this post which is on Civil War revisionism and shit does he know a lot of…shit.

The lengthy blog post can be found here.

Concluding Remarks

Looks like blog roll calls will be what I’m mostly going to be up to here for quite a while, if I ever get around to major works (and I’ve had a few in my head for a while now, I just need to write them out) then you can be sure I’ll post them here.

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