The Anarchist Township could not have been possible in it’s original state without the help and determination of Mike Gogulski, thanks Mike!

That being said this is supposed to be a sort of “hub” or center of the anarchist blog community, from left to right, it’s a collection of anarchist blogs, resources and essays along with articles talking about anarchism or matters related to in it in someway. Moreover this is a personal blog for me to talk about my own opinions and ideas and share them with the political community at large. I hope you will enjoy my blog as I enjoy shaping it into something positive in my life.


Update: March 3rd 2014

The aims of this blog have shifted since 2010 and I am now personally invested elsewhere. I will try to make monthly posts on this blog but for now at least I will mostly keep this site around so y’all can find my work in its finished form or for when it just doesn’t belong elsewhere.

Perhaps at some point I will return to semi-regular blogging here but for now you can find that at

Thanks for stopping by.

-Doreen Cleyre